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Utility Services

Tree and Vegetation

Our company is committed to, and completely involved with, the maintenance and removal of trees and other vegetation that might endanger the safe and reliable operation of poles and lines for the delivery of electricity by the power company.

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Line Clearing

Whether it's transmission or distribution lines, our company uses a systematic approach to maintaining these overhead lines. The condition of vegetation (brush and trees) around the power lines dictates how we need to manage the growth in a safe manner that exceeds power line clearing standards.

Hazard Tree

In an effort to improve and maintain service reliability, our company will assist the power companies with inspecting critical portions of their primary lines to target "hazardous trees" / "danger trees" that have a high probability of failure.

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Debris Removal

Our company will chip the branches removed from trees and rake up twigs/debris and disperse sawdust. We will dispose of it in a manner that is acceptable to the power company and the landowner. Following severe weather or other emergency events, increased levels of debris and fallen trees are to be expected. To minimize additional risk our company takes steps for proper disposal according to the power company.

Right Of Way Maintenance

Maintaining clear, safe right of way (ROW) is key responsibility of electrical utility companies, and power transmission companies. A properly maintained right of way allows workers to access points of entry for maintenance, inspection, and emergency services.

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