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Storm Response

Ida Storm

Our storm service professionals are ready to respond quickly with the expertise necessary to assist in power restoration. Our company has assisted utility customers in a wide variety of emergency situations, from ice storms to hurricanes, and tornadoes.

When a call requesting emergency service is received, Colburn’s immediately goes into action. Crews are dispatched within the affected region to assist the utilities in restoring power.

In situations where widespread power outages are experienced—as a result of ice storms or hurricanes, for example—required resources (equipment and manpower) are dispatched to assist in the emergency effort.

Storm Response that our company has worked over the years:

  • Hurricane Ida
  • Hurricane Henri
  • Hurricane Catrina
  • FairHope Utilities
  • Hurricane Elsa
  • Costal Electric Mississippi
  • Hurricane Laura
  • Hurricane Matthew
  • Iowa Storm
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